At Spatial Analytix, we provide professional consulting services to help you generate high value geospatial data from UAVs.

We bring years of engineering and mapping experience to the UAV market.

With Spatial Analytix you’ll get the data you want, when you want it.


We offer premier UAV and GeoData services for the complete UAV technology stack:

Aerial Mapping

We know Mapping. We are experts in using UAVs specifically for mapping applications. From core topo and site design to advanced drainage and multi-spectral analytics, we know how to create actionable information from aerial data.

UAV Flight Ops

We know Flight Operations. Mapping is more than just taking pretty pictures. Even the best systems will produce poor data when not flown properly. We provide training programs to support commercial mapping and consulting on UAV program development. Let us help you get started and keep going!

2D+3D Data Products & Services

We know Data. Clean data, messy data, dirty data, we have seen a lot of it and can help you get it right. We can get you from the automated solution to the one you really need. At Spatial Analytix we understand one maxim: There is no easy button.

Ask about our UAV Jumpstart Program

We provide customized UAV Jumpstart programs for customers who want to get up and running quickly.

We can help you get right with the law while getting real data into your hands quickly so you can begin assessing how UAVs are going to impact your organization. Whether it’s standing up an independent UAV program or learning new workflows for integrating UAV data into real projects, our Jumpstart Program may be just the thing to get you going.

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